Neko/Poulet Roti (alektrophobic) wrote in nakagocon,
Neko/Poulet Roti

I'm such a necromancer...

I'm so reviving this community. =P

I recently lent out Fushigi Yugi to a friend of mine. It took us a YEAR to get around to watching all of it--it was difficult to get our schedules to allow for that sort of time. Every time we met, we would eat waffles. Eventually, we got another friend to join in. It's a really easy series to get people--certain types of people--hooked on since it's like an animated soap opera.

And thus we formed the Waffle Brothel--aka the Waffles and Anime Alliance. Now, whenever we meet, we watch anime and eat waffles. Last time, we watched Sorcerer Hunters and Slayers.

The real reason I wanted my friend to see FY was because of Nakago.

And that's my little story.
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